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ViolAnts is an RTS/Ant Simulator game.

Love RTS games, but micromanaging units is just too much work? ViolAnts is the perfect pure macro game for you!

How to play

Build up your army of ants to overcome the enemy ants!

Move your cursor to the edge to pan the screen (above the bottom toolbar if you want to pan down). The only other controls are the buttons in toolbar.

  • Larvae are required to build units and are generated 10/minute.
  • Gatherers collect sugar, which you can spend 20 of to gain +5 larvae
  • Choose which types of ants to build for optimal enemy ant destruction
  • Types of ants
    • Gatherers - Collect sugar from nearby sugar resources
    • Drones - Frontline melee fighter ant
    • Shooters - Ranged acid shooting ant, also shoots Acid Blasts which explode, dealing damage in an area over time
    • Glue ants - Support ant, deals no damage but shoots glue bombs which root any enemy ants struck

Good luck!

Made in 72 hours from scratch for Ludum Dare 38 for the theme "Small World".


  • Unity 5.6
  • Gimp
  • Sketch App
  • Audacity
  • GarageBand


Concept/Design - Mark Pressler and Logan Stolmaker

Art/Sound - Mark Pressler and Davide Spiert

Programming - Logan Stolmaker

Install instructions

Just unzip and run!

Plays best at 1920x1080 resolution.


violAnts.zip 17 MB

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